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I’m a natural-leaning momma who chose to vaccinate her son. The question is: how do I help his system bounce back after having toxins and aluminum injected into his system?

We took my two-month-old son to the doctor today for his first set of vaccinations. Coming from a natural health background, coupled with my experience as a registered nurse, I’ve had a lot of information given to me over the years concerning vaccines. I’ve looked at studies, read research, books, and I’ve spoken with many professionals on the subject. It was a difficult decision, but we opted for what we believe is the most cautious and responsible choice for our family.

Since we did choose to vaccinate, I wanted to make sure that we had a good way to help our sons body process the toxins he was given. My biggest concern with the shots he received was the aluminum (or aluminium as my British hubby says!) in them. We had a long talk about it with our pediatrician (who believes the vaccines to be safe), but I still wanted to help his new little body eliminate the toxins as quickly and easily as possible. After doing my research, here’s what I came up with to provide him comfort and support after getting his shots.

*Please note: these are my educated opinions and no substitute for your own research and advice from your medical professionals.*

Oral Supplements:

  • DHA – I read that this could potentially block the aluminum from crossing the blood/brain barrier. I don’t know if it’s true, but since we give this to him anyway, I made sure we gave him his dose after the shots. Next time, I’ll try to remember to give it to him before we go to the doctor. Osteopathic physician Dr. Mercola states on his website “I am convinced that it is a lack of omega-3 fats that predisposes children to developing the brain injury from vaccines that results in autism, pervasive developmental delay and ADHD.”
  • Probiotics – If there’s any gut reaction (haha, pun intended), probiotics help rebuild the gut flora. Again, this is something we give him anyway, so I just made sure we didn’t forget today’s dose. Note: a month or so ago, our pediatrician suggested we give our baby any brand of probiotic that had at least 3 different strains. We purchased ones at Whole Foods that were baby specific, especially since he was delivered via unexpected c-section so didn’t get the benefit of bacterial seeding from a vaginal birth.


Essential Oils:

I use essential oils (EOs) for just about everything, and I’ve studied them since 2000. I’ve used almost every high-quality brand available, but due to FDA regulations, I can’t tell you which brand I use on a public website. If you’d like to learn more about the EOs I use personally and for my family, I’d be happy to share that info after you submit this form here.

If you or your child have sensitive skin, you may want to dilute the oils with olive oil or coconut oil before applying them topically.

Here are the ones I chose for the baby after his shots:

  • Lavender – for calming and soothing;
  • Cilantro – said to be a gentle chelator;
  • Lemon – cleanses the body.

I did a lot of reading before I decided what to do for our baby. This naturopath had the best post I saw on detoxing after vaccines, but you can find a lot more with a google search. Just make sure your sources are credible… there’s a lot of people who profess “facts” without credentials and research to back them up. Hence, my statement above that these are my opinions. 😉

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