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What are Essential Oils & How Can You Determine their Quality?

What Are Essential Oils? I’ve been using and studying essential oils (EOs) since 2000 in both my personal and professional life, and I’ve always described them as the lifeblood of the plant. They are what gives the characteristic scents to all […]

Inc. Articles February 2016

In case you missed them, here are the articles I wrote last month for Stress Relief That’s As Easy As Breathing The 1 Question You Must Constantly Ask (if You Want to Be Successful)   Ten 30-Second Stress Relievers How to Reprogram […]

5 Signs You’re Addicted to Motherhood

Addicted to my baby? I think I might be…. Here’s how I know I am, and 5 ways you might be too: 1. You forget to manage your health (sleep, healthy eating, exercising) because your costumes with your little one […]

Cloth Diapering – What I’ve Learned So Far…

(Quick note: I didn’t get any promotional items or compensation for this post, but you can buy lots of these items through my amazon affiliate store if you like!) Cloth diapering can be intimidating – especially for us as first-time […]

After Vaccine Baby Care

I’m a natural-leaning momma who chose to vaccinate her son. The question is: how do I help his system bounce back after having toxins and aluminum injected into his system? We took my two-month-old son to the doctor today for […]