Cloth Diapering – What I’ve Learned So Far…

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Cloth diapering can be intimidating – especially for us as first-time parents. My mom used cloth diapers with us, but there were a lot fewer options back then (or so I assume… I know. Totally egotistical). Now there are TONS of brands, styles, and things to learn (like you can’t use traditional diaper creams with cloth diapers).

Luckily for us, my sister gave us a bunch of diapers she had tried with her kids, so we had several brands & styles to try. Our favorites are the gdiapers.  They have cloth inserts AND disposable (compostable [wet only] & flushable) ones, so they’re eco-friendly & have a variety of options.

gdiapers, cloth &. disposable inserts, bamboo liners, & cloth-friendly diaper cream

One of the big things to know with cloth diapers is that you can’t use traditional diaper creams. Most of those have petroleum in them, which leaves a film on the diapers so they won’t absorb liquids. (Kind of defeats the point, doesn’t it?) The cream we use (acure brand) has no petroleum, so it’s fine for the diapers and really good for the baby (works like a charm)!

Another thing to note with the gdiapers cloth liners (the part they pee/poop on) is that there’s different fabric on the two sides – microfiber on one side, and cotton/hemp on the other. The microfiber has no absorbency so any liquids go straight through, leaving a nice dry surface next to baby’s skin. Or… just remember that the tag goes away from baby (that’s what the nice lady in their customer service told me).

Gdiapers come in 3 parts, the outer pants (a soft stretchy fabric with a cute g on the butt), a water-resistant inner pouch, and the insert (disposable or cloth). If you do use cloth – any cloth diapers – it’s helpful to use a flushable liner to catch the poop. According to the online reviews, the gdiaper liners are scratchy, so we got the heart felt brand bamboo liners. They’re really soft, so I feel comfortable using those next to baby’s skin. Then, when you change a poopy diaper, you just lift out the liner containing the poop and flush it.  If you don’t use liners, apparently most people dunk the cloth insert into the toilet, swish it around to remove the poop (not necessary just for pee), and then put it in the laundry. I really don’t love the idea of sticking my hand in the toilet, so we use liners.

But then… what do you do until laundry day? We soak the dirty diapers in a bucket of soapy water. It doesn’t stink and starts the cleaning process, so it seems way better than just leaving them in a hamper or laundry bag!

One bummer about the gdiapers is that they’re sized (newborn, S, M, L, XL), so unlike lots of the other cloth diapers, you have to buy more as they grow. That said, the inserts & pouches are only either Nb/S or M/L/XL so those last longer than the outer pants. The other thing I don’t like is the absorbency overnight if you’re using the flushable liners (which, btw, did not make our septic tank happy though they flush like a dream in our 15-year old plumbing). Our little angel now sleeps 7-12 hours overnight (thanks to the techniques in “The Happy Sleeper”), so we use 2 cloth inserts. If we just use the disposable ones, they’re done (and leaking) after 3-4 hours (and I’m sure not going to wake him to change him!!).

Lots of the other cloth diapers out there are pretty much one-sized. This works because they have a series of ugly snaps that let you adjust the fit. There are ones that adjust sideways at the waist and hips, and ones that adjust the “rise” in the front.  Yes, these are more economical, but they’re also more bulky. If you look at the picture above of our baby in the pool, you’ll see what these look like. We still use most of the ones we were given as backups for when we’re slow on laundry, but they’re just not as cute!

And speaking of baby in the pool…

Swim Diapers

We had to learn about swim diapers because I really wanted to get back in the pool and thought it’d be good for the baby to get in too. His first day swimming was when he turned 2 months old, and after the initial few moments of crying, he got to like it. I love this article about the researched benefits of baby swimming.

Here’s the skinny on swim diapers:

You can buy disposable or reusable ones, OR you can also use cloth diaper shells (as seen above). NOTE: once to use them in the pool, you cants use them as regular cloth diapers because the chlorine will break down the waterproof-ness (do you have a better word for that? This mommy-brain doesn’t…).

When I first read that, I thought, “Okay, great, but with a liner or what?” Nope. No liner. It makes sense really, because if you put an absorbent liner in, it’d immediately full with pool water and get super heavy. So that’s it! Just the diaper shell!

The idea is that swim diapers are only meant to hold in solids (so make sure they fit nicely around the legs/ waist so nothing escapes – if it did, apparently they’d have to shut down the pool and treat it, because it’s a health hazard to swim in poopy water. Plus: gross). Yep, that means baby pee goes right into the pool water (sucks for you non-parents who aren’t used to being peed or spit up on at least 3x/day!).

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s nice if the open up like diapers (via snaps or Velcro). There are ones out there that don’t open & you just pull them on like underwear, but imagine pulling them off if filled with poo. Ewww. It’d get everywhere. (I do not like it in the pool, I do not like it on a stool…. Hahaha! See what I did there?? Yes, I need some more sleep…. I do not like poo in my hair, I do not like it everywhere! Yep.  I could do this alllllll day.  But I won’t.)

So there you go – that’s what I’ve learned so far about cloth diapering and my fave ways to deal with them. Let’s all go out and save the environment one diaper at a time! And take pics of those cute, cloth-covered baby bums! ?
P.s. That diaper blowout in the main pic above? Traditional DISPOSABLE diaper. Evil bastard. 

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