Paleo Chocolate Mousse (dairy-free, vegan)

My friend Sheryl made this for me once, and I fell in love with it. She makes it intuitively, adding cacao and coconut sugar to taste. It’s lovely! 

But I like recipes. I want to know how much of what to put in each time, what the nutritional information is, etc.. And then, of course, being the essential oil lover I am, I had to add some extra EO flavors. 

So, if you’d like a delicious, dairy-free, paleo chocolate dessert, look no further!

A few important things to keep in mind – this is super-quick and easy to make, but it’s best if it has time to set in the fridge before serving. You can eat it as soon as it’s finished (though it’s better if you can bear to wait), BUT you can’t skip pre-refrigerating the coconut cream. 

Also, coconut cream is not the same as coconut milk. You can think of it as the difference between trying to make whipped cream with heavy cream (aka whipping cream) vs. with milk – you can’t do it. I order a case of the little cans of coconut cream on Amazon because it’s hard to find locally. 

Paleo Chocolate Mousse

(Serves 6; Pre-chill time 1-2 hours; Prep time: 10 minutes)


  • Three 5.4 ounce cans Coconut Cream, chilled
  • 3/4 cup raw cacao powder (unsweetened)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract or wild-crafted ground vanilla bean
  • 4 drops wild orange certified pure therapeutic-grade essential oil


  1. Chill cans of coconut cream upside down in the fridge for an hour or more. 
  2. Blend all ingredients with an electric hand mixer (or stand mixer). 
  3. Place in refrigerator to set for 20 minutes or more. (It will last several days in the fridge… maybe more, but it’s never made it longer than that in our house. ?)

Options, Toppings, and Variations:

You can eat it plain (yum!), but it’s sooooo nice with some extra stuff on top. My favorite toppings are unsweetened coconut flakes and stevia-sweetened chocolate chips. You could also try candied ginger, dried fruit, toasted hazelnuts/ almonds/ macadamia nuts, etc.. The varieties are endless!

I also love to put it over fruit, specifically organic cherries, raspberries, and bananas. 

You can also change the EO flavor or leave the EOs out altogether for a lightly coconut-flavored chocolate mousse. Some great variations are: mint chocolate (peppermint or spearmint), or chocolate with lavender, rose, tangerine, or basil. When using different oils though, add them one drop at a time. EOs are potent;  you don’t want them to over-power the chocolate. It’s all about balance. (True in recipes, true in life.)

You could also probably add in some instant coffee to make this mocha-flavored, or add a shot of espresso… but I don’t know how well it would blend up. It might make it too watery… maybe if we added some grass-fed gelatin…? Hmm… I’ll have to ponder this….

You can also make this lower-carb/ lower-sugar by using stevia or xylitol or something like that, but frankly, I can never find a way to use stevia that tastes good, and I hate the aftertaste of sugar alcohols. Personally, I’m comfortable enough with coconut sugar to use it in the occasional treat. It’s yummy and this is worth it!

According to, here are the Nutrition Facts per serving. 

  • Calories 288
  • Fat 16g
  • Carbs 32.5g
  • Fiber 2.7g
  • Sugars 26.5g
  • Protein 2g
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